Crocodile Stitch Skirt


I was making the Mermaid Tears Purse from Yarnspirations. Right before I added the handles to the purse I realized how crazy cute it would be as a skirt! So of course I attempted to finish up my fifteen or so WIP’s (I’m pretty sure I added more to that count) before moving onto this idea.

Finally I am here! It is essentially the same body as the purse, with a different starting chain and a different amount of rows. Then the band at the top of the skirt is completely different.



I used “I Love This Yarn” from Hobby Lobby. You could use any yarn and hook combination that you prefer, however, you may need to adjust your starting chain, If you use a DK yarn or lighter, you will need a longer starting chain. With bulkier yarn you will need a shorter starting chain.

The starting chain is worked in multiples of 7, so if you need to make it longer or shorter you will add or subtract 7. The starting chain will always be 7+3. If you don’t know what this means; you will chain in multiples of 7 and add 3 at the end.

The Materials:

Yarn – Any worsted weight yarn will do. I used “I Love This Yarn” in Dark Denim, Glacier, and Antique White.



Darning needle

Stitches Used:

Slip Stitch – Sl st

Single Crochet – Sc

Double Crochet – Dc

Front Post Half Double Crochet – Fphdc

Back Post Half Double Crochet – Bphdc

The Pattern:


Step 1. Chain 77. Sl st to join, making sure that you are not twisting your chain.

Step 2. Ch 3, dc in each st around and sl st to the top of the ch 3. Ch 1.

Step 3. You will now be making your first scale using the crocodile stitch. If you have never done this before, I will try to explain as best that I can. It helps to turn your work when making this stitch for a better angle. Working in the first dc post (ch 3), dc 5 times on that post. Turn your work again so that you can see the second dc next to the one you just worked onto. Work 5 dc onto that post. ch 1. (You will always ch 1 after making a scale.)

Chain 3 Post
Second Post


Step 4. Skip the next 5 dc. In the 6th dc post, begin step 3.

Croc Stitch Skirt 8


Repeat steps 3 and 4  to the end. Sl st into the beginning ch 1.

Step 5. Sl st 5. Ch 3.


Step 6. Dc in same st as ch 3. *Dc in next 2 st. Dc into the scale. Dc in the next 2 st. 2dc in next st.* Repeat * to *. Sl st to top of ch 3. Ch 1.

Crocodile Stitch Skirt2

Sometimes it can look a little wonky, that is ok, you are going to make the crocodile stitches over this anyway so it will not be seen.

Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 for 12 rows. (If you need it to be longer, add however many rows you wish. Take rows away if you want it to be shorter.)

Your scales will sit in between the scales from the previous rows.

The next part is the waist band. I made mine on the shorter side but if you would like to have a longer waistband, add more of the front post and back post rows.

Ch 1. Sc in each st around. Sl st to the ch 1.

Ch 1. Fphdc in the first st. *Bphdc in the next st, fphdc in the next st.* Repeat * to * to the end. Sl st to the ch 1.

Ch 1. Sl st in each st around. Sl st to the ch 1. Fasten off and weave in your ends!

Crocodile Stitch Skirt - Jones Crafted

As I make more of these I will add the new sizes to this post. So stay tuned!


You may sell items that you make using my patterns, please link back to my blog. Please do not copy my patterns and claim them as your own. Do not copy any images.


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