The Chunky Nimbus Cowl

JC Nimbus Cowl

First off I would like to welcome everyone to my blog! This is my first official post on this blog and I am so excited to start this part of my journey! Now, onto the Chunky Nimbus Cowl!

I was roaming through Micheal’s as one does when they have a beating heart, and I found the Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn. It looked so soft and as soon as I picked it up I knew it needed to keep my neck warm in the colder weather. I bought about four skeins and ended up going back for more colors. This yarn was meant for baby blankets, so you KNOW it’s plenty soft!

It is a chunky yarn so it works up quicker which is great because once you start working with it the anticipation nearly gets you! This is also one of those patterns that is super versatile and so there really isn’t a gauge and you can make your starting chain and overall length anything that you want! I LOVE patterns that allow you to adjust so easily! I have made some that are short cowls and some that are so long you can wrap them two or three times.

The Materials:

Yarn- Bernat Baby Blanket

Hook- 10mm

Measuring tape

Yarn Needle


The Pattern:


Make a chain that measures between seven and nine inches.


Row 1: Hdc in the second chain from the hook. Hdc in every chain to the end. Ch 1

Row 2: Hdc in every hdc from previous row. Ch 1

Row 3: Sc in every hdc from previous row. Ch 1

Repeat rows 1-3 until the scarf reaches desired length.

Seam the two ends together, fasten off, and weave in the ends.


If you are making a cowl, the scarf should measure between twenty-five and thirty inches.


JC Nimbus Cowls

JC Nimbus Brown Cowl

If you are making a long infinity scarf that you can wear long or wrap twice, the scarf should measure between eighty and eighty-five inches.

JC Nimbus front

If you desire a longer scarf (or one in between my two lengths), simply crochet until you reach a length that feels right for you. You can easily see how long your scarf will be before you fasten off by wrapping it around your neck and holding the two ends together.

JC Nimbus long

There are so many different colors and they bring new ones out and discontinue some other ones. They have solid colors along with variegated colors just like you see below!

JC Nimbus Variety

Yay! Now you have a lovely cloud wrapped around your neck! I love how these feel so much and I hope that you love them too!

Thank you so much for joining me in my first post and I look forward to connecting with you all!



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